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Rice is the ancient and venerable grain which has been cultivated since 2000 BC , and today, rice is a staple food for almost half the world`s population. The 7,000-plus varieties of rice are grown all over the world. Aquatic rice (paddy-grown) is cultivated in flooded fields, which occupies a major portion in the Indian cuisine and India is home for many varieties of this paddy-grown rice.

We specialize in all South Indian rice varieties (non-Basmati short grain rice) and export to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Gulf Countries. Our entire product is procured in best seasons, milled and processed hygienically in modern machineries and dust free environment and cleaned through the world's best sorting machines.

Ponni Boiled Rice

Cultivated in River Cauvery basin in Tanjavur district of Tamilnadu, often called as Rice bowl of Tamilnadu, this rice has an ethnic taste and gives best cooking results. We procure the best paddy rice grown in its best season, and we process with utmost care, to ensure the rice has good texture, and is nutritious and wholesome, when cooked.

Ponni Raw Rice

Available mostly in all fertile paddy fields of South India, Ponni Raw Rice has its own fragrance and texture. Ponni Raw Rice is preferred by South Indians. We procure the best quality paddy rice grown in its best season and processed to give nutritious, clean, softened rice which is wholesome when cooked.

Sona Masuri Rice

This variety is grown in the state of Karnataka. This rice is softer and has got a unique taste and flavour. We process Sona Masuri Raw Rice, Sona Masuri Steam Rice and Sona Masuri Par Boiled Rice in our modern rice milling plant with utmost care.

Andhra Masuri Rice

This variety is grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This rice has got a unique texture and fragrance. We process Andhra Masuri Raw Rice, Andhra Masuri Steam Rice in our modern rice milling plant with utmost care.

Herbal Ponni Rice

This variety is the Raw and Steamed Rice. This Ponni Paddy is grown in the fertile fields of South India. This differs from the other rice varieties by the way of unique processing using latest milling technology to give WHOLE RICE, which has 100% nutritional value of rice equal to that of traditional hand pound rice. This rice reduces fat and cholesterol content. It is easily digestible and is good for diabetic patients.

Idly Rice

This is short and bold rice grain grown in the fields of South India. This variety is ideal to make South Indian favourite food of fluffy Idlies and crispy dosas. We process the Best quality Singly boiled Idly Rice to give good quality batter.

Matta Rice

Elite food of Keralaits, from the belt of Palakad District, Kerala. We process Single Boiled , Double Boiled, Matta Broken Rice. We also process Karnataka origin, JOTHI Variety, which is also A FAST MOVING MATTA RICE VARIETY.

Red Raw Rice

Red raw rice is processed from the paddy procured from Southern India in our modern processing plant. This is also called as BROWN RICE, and is mostly used for making flours and porridge. We process Red Raw Rice with different polish levels like 25%, 50% , 100% according to our Buyer's requirement.

Tanjavur Rice

This variety is a short grain rice known for its good texture and long shelf life. We procure the paddy from the fertile Tanjore district and process this into par boiled rice in our modern rice mill.

Seeragasamba Rice (Jeera Rice)

This is one of the shortest grain rice available in India. Grown in Tamilnadu and West Bengal, this ethnic South Indian Briyani Rice has its own flavour and taste. It has unique fragrance incomparable with Basmati Rice varieties. This is also called Jeera Rice. We process this variety in our modern mill, with utmost care to ensure the enrichment of its taste and flavour.

Long Grain Non-Basmati Rice (IR-64)

This variety is grown in Southern part of India. This is a long Grain rice, also called as IR 64 Variety. This variety has got a good texture and longer shelf life. We procure the paddy directly and process into par boiled rice in our Modern Rice mill to give best quality cleaned stuff.


Our Packing Unit is versatile to handle packing sizes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 75 kgs. We pack in PP Pouches, Poly Woven Bags, Jute Bags, and Poly Laminated Jute Bags. We also undertake packing and labelling according to our buyer's requirement.
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