Assorted Groceries

Food and other items used in the home kitchen are referred to as groceries. Our complete product is sourced during the best seasons, milled and processed hygienically in contemporary machinery in a dust-free environment, and sorted using the greatest sorting machines in the world..

List of Grocery Items

Rice Flakes – Red, (Medium/ Thick)

Rice Flakes – White (Thin/ Medium/ Thick)

Roasted – Chutney Dhall

Roasted – Gram – W/O Skin

Roasted – Gram – With Skin

Pea – Pattani

Rice Sevai/ Rice Vermicelli

Kambu Sevai

Ragi Sevai

Roasted Vermicelli

Unroasted Vermicelli

Sevai/ Vermicelli

Sooji (Roasted/ Unroasted)

Idly Rava – Boiled/ Raw

Bansi Rava

Ceroti Sooji

Samba Wheat Rava

Samba Wheat Broken

Upma Rava

Cracked Wheat

Maize Rava

Ragi Rava

Bajra Broken

Roasted White Rice Flour

Roasted Red Rice Flour

Fine White Rice Flour

Coarse Rice Flour

Soya Granules

Soya Meat Button/ Medium/ Big

Himalaya Pink Salt Powder

Himalaya Pink Salt – Crystal


Ragi Flour

Roasted/ Steamed Maida Flour

Roasted/ Steamed Wheat Flour

Besan Flour

Maida Flour

Jowar Atta (Sorgham Flour)

Black Channa Flour

Green Moong Flour

Bajra Atta (Pearl)

Roasted/ Unroasted Moong Flour

Roasted/ Unroasted Urad Flour

White Corn Flour

Idly Dosa Flour

Soya Flour

Sago Medium/ Small

Yellow Maize Flour

Moong Dhall Roasted

Phool Makhana

Sweet Makhana

Puffed Rice

Rock Salt

Aval Pori


Dry Coconut Half Cut

Dry Coconut Whole


Black Salt Powder

Black Sesame

White Sesame


Edible Badam Gum


Cooking Soda

Instant Upma Mix

Red Puttu Podi

White Puttu Podi

Asafoetida Powder

White Idiyappam Flour

Red Idiyappam Flour

Bajji Bonda Mix

Easy Palappam Mix

Talipoo Vadam Round


Rose Syrup – 700ML

Pet Bottle

Nanari Syrup – 700ML

Pet Bottle


  • Green Chilli Vadam
  • Red Chilli Vadam
  • Tomato Vadam
  • Garlic Vadam
  • Cumin Vadam
  • Omam Vadam
  • KasuriMethiVadam
  • Carrot Vadam
  • Beetroot Vadam
  • Onion Vadam


  • Mint Vadam
  • Ragi Vadam
  • Mixed Vadam
  • Potato Pappad Hexagon Redchilli
  • Potato Pappad Hexagon Greenchilli
  • Potato Pappad Hexagon Cumin
  • White Coins Fryums
  • Colour Coins Fryyms


  • Jilebi Fryums – White
  • Jilebi Fryums – Colour
  • Onion Ring
  • Garlic Ring
  • Wheel White
  • Mini Mint Ring
  • Mini Tomato Ring
  • Onion Killu Vadam Red
  • Onion Killu Vadam White
  • Pani Puri Chips (Golgappa)


  • Potato Fryms
  • Rice Vadagam Murukkku(Round)
  • Rice Vadagam Stick
  • Sago Vadagam White
  • Sago Vadagam Colour
  • Onion Ring Vadam
  • Omampodi Vadam

Dried Vathal

  • Curd Chillies Vathal Long
  • Dried Kothavarangai Vathal
  • Dried Manathakkali Vathal
  • Dried Mixed Vathal
  • Dried Sundakkai Vathal


Our Packing Unit can handle 500gms, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, and 25kg packing sizes. We use Plain Pouch with Sticker and Printed Pouch to package our products. We also pack and label our products according to the specifications of our buyer’s requirement.